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It is a popular tradition to celebrate the most talented Hungarian confectioners and promote culinary innovation. Organized sincethe contest is concluded by a professional jury in two grants for diabetes research — sugar and sincesugar-free as well.

Their winner cake Sunflower is a delicious combination of Williams pear, fresh yoghurt, honey, finely ground roasted sunflowers, and caramelized chocolate highlighted by the Williams pear pálinka for the extra flavour.

Due to this special mixture of fine ingredients the cake perfectly fits warm summer days and cooler evenings too. The multi-layered apricot flavour cake has an exciting fruity texture with jelly and mousse, paying homage to traditional Hungarian pastries with a pairing of walnut and dark chocolate.

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The cake has The official recipes of the award-winning cakes are shared with the Hungarian confectioner community. This enables professional confectioners to recreate the winning cakes throughout the country. If you want to try these tasty delicacies, check the list of confectionaries selling the sugary and the sugar-free version of the Cake of Hungary on the website of the Hungarian Confectioner Craftsmen Corporation search for the pdf files at Magyarország Tortáját árusító cukrászdák - Település szerint on this page.

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