Essential oils for diabetic dry skin. New Insights into the Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Royal Jelly

The skin, under normal physiological conditions, ie without alterations due to the endogenous or exogenous factors, must have a essential oils for diabetic dry skin, pink, soft and smooth appearance and at the same time there must be a perfect balance between the degree of hydration and the excess of sebum.

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Unfortunately, however, there are many factors that can cause the loss of the integrity of the hydro-lipid film and consequently the generation of more or less serious dermatological disorders. Therefore, prevention plays an extremely important role in maintaining the balance of our skin, and daily hydration and protection against external aggression are some of the primary factors of skin well-being.

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It is an excellent choice for both dry skin treatment and for the maintenance phase of dermatological conditions characterized by advanced xerosis and pronounced hyperkeratosis.

Moreover, due to the dual mechanism of action, moisturizing and keratolytic, but also due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is extremely useful in maintaining the balance of the skin affected by psoriasis.

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It is highly appreciated by patients with psoriasis, because it provides intense hydration and a sense of immediate comfort, helping to relieve itching and inflammation, while preventing the formation of erythematous plaques and exacerbating psoriasis lesions. It also presents excellent results in the treatment of diabetic foot, where hydration is essential, because the skin of the diabetic patient is poorly vascularized and very dehydrated, and the kezelése basalomas diabetes barrier is strongly compromised.

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