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The nation's largest county fair, running from August 31 to September 30, is celebrating its 90th anniversary. The new dieting craze sweeping Britain and taking off in the United States lets people eat whatever they like - but only five days a week.

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Their book, "The Fast Diet", has topped bestselling book lists in Britain and the United States this year and been reprinted more than a dozen times. Mosley said the diet is based on work by British and U. He tried this eating regime for a BBC television science programme called "Eat, Fast, Live Longer" last August diabetic diet usa finding out his cholesterol level was too diabétesz kezelésére idős emberek and his blood sugar in the diabetic range.

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He was stunned by the results. Mosley said he had been amazed at the way the diet had taken off with a list of websites set up by followers of the diet or variations of the eating regime to share their experiences. Eating a calorie daily diet - about a quarter of a normal healthy adult's intake - could consist of two eggs for breakfast, grilled chicken and lettuce for lunch, and fish with rice noodles for dinner with nothing to drink but water, black coffee or tea.

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One day at a time Mosley put the diet's success down to the fact it is psychologically attractive and leads to steady drop in weight with an average diabetic diet usa loss of 1 pound 0. It is also extremely flexible and simple.

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But as the popularity of the diet has grown and become one of the most searched diets on the Internet, the NHS has started to look again at the diet and its effects.

On its website last month the NHS said the British Dietetic Association BDA reviewed a study by researchers at the UK's University Hospital of South Manchester that suggested intermittent fasting could help lower the risk of certain obesity-related cancers such as breast cancer.

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Schenker, a sports and media dietitian who works with football clubs and food companies, said it was a shame that the NHS had diabetic diet usa the eating regime that had proved such a success with so many people. Despite concerns raised by the NHS, the diet has been widely praised by those who follow it. Deb Thomas, 50, a management coach from London, said she has followed the diet for six months and dropped a couple of dress sizes.

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This has also inspired her husband to join her in fasting two days a week. Arrives Weekly.

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