Diabetes mellitus laboratory investigation

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Dear Colleagues, The next IFCC webinars: "Ethical dilemmas in laboratory medicine during pandemic" will be held on 20 October, and "Common laboratory measures of dysglycaemia; Their strengths and weaknesses" will be held on 27 October, The COVID 19 pandemic tests our professional responsibility and demands that we do not simply perform tests and use technology uncritically.

Then we will concentrate on how the Covid pandemic is changing the diabetes mellitus laboratory investigation and society, focusing on the use of remnant clinical samples for research, often exempted from informed consent and the idea of collaboration with scientific research as a moral duty.

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Finally, as this pandemic has emphasized many long-standing inequities in communities we will highlight the impact of long-standing medical conditions, challenges of testing and contact tracing, mistrust of medical institutions and vaccines. Is this the time to propose a paradigm shift in health care and research ethics?

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Until we have diabetes mellitus laboratory investigation strategies for prevention, we rely on laboratory testing to screen, diagnose and manage these conditions. Each of these laboratory tests; glucose, insulin and HbA1c play vital roles in understanding and managing diabetes and over several decades laboratory professionals have improved their individual strengths, but also identified some significant weaknesses.

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No laboratory test is perfect, but it is vital that laboratory professionals are aware of any weaknesses and try to mitigate that risk so that the guidance that the laboratory provides to the clinician, and ultimately the patient, can be clear and balanced.

This seminar will allow the participant to identify the weaknesses with the measurement and reporting of glucose, insulin and HbA1c, but also to recognize the laboratory techniques to minimize the risks associated with these weaknesses.

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