Diabetes education grants 2021, Az International Headache Society évi ösztöndíjai elérhetőek!

The department has also organized a summer camp for overweight children and children diabetes education grants 2021 diabetes for more than 10 years now for more information visit www.

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These events are complemented by various trips and excursions to Santa city, the Hungaroring, wildlife park, and the Lego factorywith many other destinations planned for the future. Besides the community programs, there are various further training options in the field of diabetes organized for children and their parents.

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In order to improve the services provided for children treated with diabetes and endocrine problems at our department, we conduct quality of life surveys and psychological counseling regularly, this way also helping them experience their disease as less of a burden.

The donations to the foundation and the regular programs of the Mosolygó kórház smiling hospital greatly contribute to making the department child-friendly. Martin Pediatric Emergency Foundation], the youngest children were introduced into the basics of life saving and first aid in kindergartens.

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